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What we Offer

  • ISBN allocated to your book!
  • Formatting as an eBook
  • Published onto all Amazon territories i.e.,, etc
  • Choice of formats from i) eBook ii) Hardbook printed to order iii) Paperwork printed to order
  • Proof reading
  • Direct sale through this site
  • Marketing of your book online (book review and social media push)

Questions for you

Are you an academic who is short of time?

Want to get your papers published as a book or have you written a book which is ready to be sold through Amazon and online?

Want someone else to take care of formatting your book to eBook format?

Want to get more references and credit for your writing by offering an affordable academic book via eBook?

Want to get an income in addition to getting more references and reviews through selling more books?

Want someone else to organise the payment gateway?


1. Do I need an ISBN? – You do not actually need an ISBN number but we advise to have one, because it does give more credibility to your book. The ISBN is a one-off fee.

2. What would the publisher name be when published for sale, for example, on – The publisher will be listed as ‘Symonds Publishing’.

3. Who are ‘Symonds Publishing’? We are academics and a husband and wife team.

4. How often will I get paid royalties for my book? Royalties on your book will be paid every 4 months directly to your PayPal or Bank account.

5. How can i check the sales? – We will send you a report generated directly from the payment gateway with exact statistics on your sales.

6. Who decides the publishing price of my book? We will make a suggestion, but ultimately you can decide the price of the eBook/paper book. Our aim and philosphy and reason for starting ‘Symonds Publishing’ originally is to try and offer affordable books to students and to other academics and to make your work more accessible and ultmately more available for referencing and reading. For this reason we tend to suggest prices of between £10 and £20 for example.

7. Who would own the copyright? You own the content of your book but we would own the formatting of the book. We would provide you with a copyright/Assignation document to sign with everything documented for the benefit of both parties.

7. How much will it all cost me? – The following section below details any costs and how the commissions works.


  • £ FREE – Formatting into an eBook + allocation of a unique ISBN number + published to all amazon sites worldwide + implementation of payment gateway.
  • Commission on sales: We take 30% of all sales and you receive royalties of 70% of the sales income from Amazon.  Please note that for sales through Amazon, Amazon typically pay out approx 70% of the sales value. We also offer to list the books on this site and for which there is no 3rd party commission, such as Amazon charge. Any sales through this site mean a greater sales income. (On an eBook which is £20 for example, you can expect to get approx. £9.80).
  • For hard printed copies i.e. in paperback and hardback, the commission is split after publishing costs.
  • Free – We do a post and review on each book and social media the post and will also push your book.
  • (Optional) Proof reading dependent on book size/number of pages.

What to do Next?

If you are ready to have your book published online, we would love to hear from you! Please complete the contact form or email us directly on email:

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What included in The Training?

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