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Introduction to Mindfulness Course Materials

Mindfulness training

Duration: 1 Day

Price: £95

Intended For

Trainers who wish to provide a workshop on mindfulness to those who are new or relatively new to this subject area. This package includes all course materials for teaching the basics of mindfulness and to introduce participants to some of the key concepts and techniques and to empower them to live better on a daily basis.

Course Outline and Objectives

This course is an introduction to mindfulness for those new to this subject. This tends to be a relaxed and fun course for participants but is one also that participants usually always find rewarding and after which they often inquite about further training options. As a trainer, you will often find that participants will book for the stage 2 mindfulness training also.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

✔  Understand the concept of mindfulness and how this can be used to improve how we live.

✔  De-stress and return to simple values that matter.

✔  Learn how to put certain mindfulness techniques into practice.

✔  Be better at dealing with others.

✔  Improve all aspects of one’s life including at work, family time and leisure time.

✔  Be more focused and appreciate the simple things in life.

Delivery Method

This workshop is a fun interactive one that involves participants getting involved such as through basic meditation and through group sharing and discussions. This is a very positive workshop that participants always tend to give very positive feedback on. This is tutor led in that you as the trainer will explain certain meanings, techniques and strategies for understanding and benefiting from mindfulness, but there is a chance to involve the group throughout, via classroom activities.

Topics that will be Covered to Include:

Background of Mindfulness

  • Brief explanation of how the subject of mindfulness evolved.
  • Why mindfulness  is important how it can change your life.
  • Example activities to highlight how mindfulness  changes perception.
  • The raisin exercise.
  • Taking care of the moment and chasing time.

Basics of Meditiation

  • Breathing techniques and posture.
  • Five key skills.
  • Mindful attitudes and thoughts.
  • Visualisation and seeing what matters.

Moving Forward

  • Showing awareness and embodied knowing.
  • The finches.
  • 8 week plan towards being more mindful (printable plan studnets can take away and receive digitally).

With this Course, Instantly Download:

✔  78 PowerPoint  slide deck (includes tutor notes on each slide)

✔  55 page Trainers workbook

✔  Course documents (including sign in sheet, course evaluation sheet, course outline, suggested reading list document)

✔ Tutors checklist

✔  Course certificate (printable to hand to participants)

Documents delivered using MS Word (doc and docx version both included), PDF ((in case you do not have Ms Word) and PowerPoint.

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What included in The Training?

Trainer's Course Guide
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Course slides
Forms (i.e feedback form, sign in sheet)
Student handbook Handbook for students
Classroom Activities Activities in the classroom

Course Outline

Course document
Printable Course Certificates
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