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Doing Business in China Courseware

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Duration: 1 Day

Price: £145

Intended For

Primarily aimed at business people who will be travelling to China on business or who are looking to set up or do business with China and Chinese people. This full trainer’s pack provides all of the course materials a trainer will need to provide this training course.

Course Outline and Objectives

China is becoming increasingly popular a location for trade and industry and understanding the intricacies of exactly how business is done in China, is an important step towards succeeding in China as a business owner or representative. There are certain cultural values and habits that can make or break a deal, and this course will help you to avoid the pitfalls that can occur as a business person. This course enables trainer’s to cover all aspects of business culture in China.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

✔  Understand some of the key considerations regards business etiquette in China.

✔  Have an understanding of how to negotiate with Chinese business people.

✔  Understands the cultural values that underpin Chinese culture.

✔  Know how to communicate with Chinese clients and business people.

✔  Have an appreciation for challenges and solutions that can occur when doing business in China.

✔  How to build a local team in China.

Delivery Method

This course is tutor led but will also include a number of group discussions, draw on the participants own experiences and involve interactive exercises and role plays.

Topics that will be Covered to Include:

Getting to Understand China

  • Overview of China and the opportunites.
  • Background on China and how history influences present day business attitudes.
  •  Getting to grips with the basics of Chinese customs and etiquette for business.
  • Why do business in China?

Business Etiquette

  • Things you should and shouldn’t do.
  • Understanding how business deals take place and are managed.
  • Bureaucracy Chinese style.
  • Communicating with others.

Doing Business Deals

  • Negotiation Chinese style and finding ways to succeed.
  • Understanding rules and regulations in China as a business person or owner.
  • Managing in China on a daily basis.
  • Managing disputes.

Building your Business

  • Selling products and services in China.
  • Manufacturing and sourcing from China.
  • Developing business relations.

With this Course, Instantly Download:

✔  85 PowerPoint  slide deck (tutor notes are included on the bottom of each slide)

✔  80 page Trainers workbook

✔  All Course documents (including attendance sheet, course feedback forms)

✔ Tutors checklist

✔  Course certificate (printable to hand to participants)

Documents delivered using MS Word (doc and docx version both included), PDF ((in case you do not have Ms Word) and PowerPoint.

Chinese etiquette for business

Off the shelf training for trainer’s – this course is for teaching Chinese business and etiquette.

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What included in The Training?

Trainer's Course Guide
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Course slides
Forms (i.e feedback form, sign in sheet)
Student handbook Handbook for students
Classroom Activities Activities in the classroom

Course Outline

Course document
Printable Course Certificates
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