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Being a Self-Employed Trainer and Starting a Training Business

More and more of us are looking towards managing our own time and work and becoming self employed can be an extremely rewarding and also, if done well, …

Teaching Disability Etiquette for Wayfinding Accessibility

In addition to training such as training how to be a accessibility auditor and getting or giving DDA access training, it is worth giving consideration to the …

Big Lottery Win – Icebreaker Activity

Duration: 15 – 20 minutes (depending on class size) Cost: Free Category: Ice Breaker exercise & Creativity Building & Happiness Participants: …

Why you might like the DDA and Access Audit Training

Most of the training programmes we provide are ones that are self explanatory to an extent, in that the Time Management training materials package is about …

Should I use Games in Corporate Training Workshops?

Standing in front of the workshop or training session participants for hours on end can make for a somewhat dull experience for those participants. After a …

What is the Best Seating Arrangement Plan for a Training Session

Deciding exactly how to layout the training room in terms of seating arrangements is not as straight forward as one might at first assume. In so many …

Room Layout and Setup considerations for Training

As a trainer, there are of course numerous considerations including, for example, the marketing of course, development of the training materials, ensuring that …

Ice Breaker: The Follower and Avoider Game

Duration: 10 minutes Cost: Free Category: Ice Breaker exercise Participants: This is a great activity both if the delegates in the training session are …

Training Days, What can go Wrong & Solutions

1. Cannot Access the Venue This is really a nightmare scenario as a trainer and this has only happened once to me, but when it does happen, it can of course be …

Survival in the Arctic Team Building Game

Duration: 30 minutes Cost: Free Category: Team Building training Participants: Participants are separated into groups of 4 and each are given a handout (see …

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What included in The Training?

Trainer's Course Guide
Book icon
Course slides
Forms (i.e feedback form, sign in sheet)
Student handbook Handbook for students
Classroom Activities Activities in the classroom

Course Outline

Course document
Printable Course Certificates
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Payment methods


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