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TeamOur Philosophy

Our goal from the beginning has been to provide high quality training programmes that are easy for trainers to use, that are well designed and that will help the trainer to provide effective and high value workshops. We continue to strive to meet these standards.

We also put emphasis on learning that is fun and enjoyable, particularly given that the courses are, for the most part, adult learners. Every training package is designed such that activities, group interaction, feedback and input from the participants is a part of the training. We, in other words, try to make the learning embodied in that the students learn by using their different senses.

We also understand that cost is important to many of you who are trainers and we have thus made the training packages very affordable whilst still providing what we feel is a high value product. We do also provide a number of free resources and tools for trainers and you might find useful.

Our Customers

We have worked with a number of clients, some of whom you can see on the testimonials page and these individuals and businesses have included airports, councils, small 1 person businesses (i.e. self-employed trainers), bay authorities and educational institutes.  As a team we have many years of expertise in the educational sector and in business. Our staff include qualified researchers and designers.

How we got Started

Symonds Training & Research was originally started by Dr Paul Symonds. Paul has worked in education in the UK and spent a number of years in South Korean in education before founding the Symonds Training. As am experienced researcher, teacher and educator, Paul has also at the time of writing almost completed his PhD. The company since its foundation has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the leaders in providing corporate training materials and programmes.

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What included in The Training?

Trainer's Course Guide
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Course slides
Forms (i.e feedback form, sign in sheet)
Student handbook Handbook for students
Classroom Activities Activities in the classroom

Course Outline

Course document
Printable Course Certificates
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Payment methods


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