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Training Packages & Course Materials for Trainers

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Symonds Training Solutions provide high quality and affordable off the shelf training packages for trainers. Re-usable training (on Ms Word, PDF and PowerPoint). The packages we offer include the following below. Makes sure also though to use the search bar for all courses.

Business Training Packages include:

Managing time

Time Management

Training designed to teach course attendees how to time efficiency in business and also for their private life. This course will help delegated to better manage their time to improve productivity…

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Data collection methods course

Doing Business in China

Trainer’s courseware pack for providing a 1 day course in Chinese business etiquette and everything you need to know about doing business in China.

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DDA training

DDA and Access Audits & Compliance Training

Course materials for a 1 day training workshop that trains people to understand DDA in the workplace and in business environments.

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Home business course

Starting a Home Business Training Course

Course materials for trainers to give a 1 day training day of starting and running a small business.

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Marketing Training Packages Include

Online marketing

Digital Marketing for Business

Training package for trainers for teaching online and Digital marketing for small businesses. Fully re-usable package on MS Word, PowerPoint and PDF.

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SEO training pack

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Trainers materials and package for teaching a 1 day course on all aspects of optimising a website for the web, with focus on small to medium businesses…

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WordPress training

WordPress for Small Business

Training course materials for reaching a 1 day workshop on WordPress to beginners, with a focus on small and medium businesses.

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Marketing trainers pack

Marketing Essentials

A course pack for trainers to teach a full one day course on all aspects of marketing that covers all basics and some more advanced techniques for both online and offline marketing.

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Personal Development Materials Include:

Mindfulness course

Introduction to Mindfulness

Training materials for a 1 day introduction to mindfulness techniques for beginners.

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Life training package

Life Planning & Goal Setting Training Workshop Materials

This training package is for a one day training day or workshop to provide life planning guidance for course delegates.

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Presentation Skills

1 day training materials pack for teaching the key aspects of presentation skills.

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Travel and Tourism Industry Related Training Include:

Qualitative Data Collection & Research Methods

1 Day course pack for teaching data collection using qualitative research methods.

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Wayfnding in airprots

Wayfinding Design in Airports

Trainers pack for teaching airport wayfinding design to airport managers.

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“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
- Anthony J. D’Angelo

We provide training courses and packages for trainers, training managers and coordinators, with the full course materials you need to offer half, one, two and three day courses and workshops. We design these packages to be affordable for those of you who are established or new to being a trainer and the courses are fully customisable. We do also offer bespoke custom-made designed courses on request. These do cost significantly more though but please feel free to contact us if you need specially designed training. We are trained and highly experienced teachers and researchers and welcome all inquiries.


  • “Found the training materials extremely useful. Exactly what I needed for teaching a one day marketing course, Students were happy and course went extremely well using the package I bought. Thank you”. – John Peters.
  • “Bought the Time Management course and I loved the fact that i could adapt the course and that I am free to use it as much as I want. Overall good value and well-designed product. Perfect” – Ms Mary McQuinn

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