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As researchers ourselves, we are familiar with the problem as students of trying to find affordable academic books which we could read and then reference, as we wrote papers and our thesis, in addition to creating lessons plans and the such like. Many academic books are over-priced and as the author, it means you are losing out on:

  • Being referenced more often because your book is more accessible to students, other academics and other potential readers. Why limit yourself to being in university libraries in the era of online technology?
  • Better commissions.
  • Getting more reviews through an online presence.
  • We will get you onto every Amazon store
  • Help to market your books online
  • Set you up with a new ISBN number
  • The process is fast, painless and cheap! You and we make our money from sales.


  • We offer qualitative research services. We are a small but efficient team who have experience which includes in the travel and tourism, wayfinding and heritage sectors.